Database Comparer

Database Comparer 6.3

Database Comparer helps you compare, synchronize, and update databases

Database Comparer is an easy to use utility to compare your databases. With this tool you can synchronize your databases also and in one of its features it provides option to update your databases structure. With Database Comparer you can compare your one database with other database, but comparing a database with SQL/DDL script is also easy and even it gives you the option to compare two SQL/DDL scripts. Its internal working process is very simple and robust. With its synchronization algorithm it compares the target database or SQL/DDL script with the Master Database or SQL/DDL script for any structural difference, and then it will create a final SQL script which can be used to patch your target database or SQL/DDL script to make your target database structurally equivalent to Master database structure. If you have multiple target databases or SQL/DDL scripts then Database Comparer can compare your all target databases with master database concurrently by using its batch mode. Database Comparer also gives you the power to compare and synchronize individual tables of the databases and even it provide option to select various objects to compare like domains, tables, procedures, triggers etc.

Manoj Goel
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  • Free for non-commercial use
  • Options to compare databases and SQL/DDL scripts
  • Create final SQL script to patch target database
  • Option to select individual objects for comparison
  • Support batch mode


  • Only MS SQL 2000 and 2005 is supported
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